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Shaggy Dog Audi RS6 Avant May Be the Best Dumb and Dumber Tribute Car Ever

At the very least, it's probably the quickest.

The 1994 Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels comedy Dumb and Dumber was, for a Farrelly Brothers comedy, surprisingly rich in vehicular antics. There’s the Lamborghini Diablo the pair awkwardly manhandles around Aspen, as well as the diminutive moped the two ride up the mountains of Colorado at two miles an hour. But no car from the movie quite compares to the shaggy, fake-fur-covered dog van the dumb duo travels across America in. Like the Mystery Machine and the Wayne’s World AMC Pacer, it’s the sort of ridiculous livery that’s rife for imitation.

But this Dumb and Dumber-inspired shaggy dog Audi RS6 Avant may be the best Dumb and Dumber tribute car imaginable. 

Clearly, the owners of this car—which was caught on camera at the 2017 StreetGasm 2000 rally in Europe this month—took the time to nail the details when it came to this tribute wagon. Not only is it thoroughly wrapped in fluffy beige shag, but it boasts a big, floppy tongue hanging from its gaping grille, whisker spots below the headlights, and—best of all—a pair of authentic “MUTT CUTTS, Providence RI” signs mounted on the back doors. 

Of course, beneath all that Farrelly-inspired fur, it’s still an Audi RS6 Avant, which means it’s one screaming performance machine. The sibling to the RS7 we have here in the States, it’s powered by the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8; early models made 553 horsepower, while later Performance-branded ones made 597 ponies. Either way, all the power heads to though the ground via all four wheels and an eight-speed automatic—and either way, it’ll top out at a governed 190 miles per hour when equipped with the Dynamic Plus package. 

Though we imagine that, at autobahn speeds, this RS6 gets a little…