Audi Could Bring the Next-Generation RS6 Avant Wagon to US: Report

With domestic interest in wagons seemingly waxing again, a high-power wagon to rival Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar suddenly makes sense.

byJames Gilboy|
Audi Could Bring the Next-Generation RS6 Avant Wagon to US: Report


Audi has confirmed that it is considering bringing the redesigned A6 Avant station wagon along with its hypothetical S6 and RS6 variants thereof to the United States.

Audi USA's director of product communications, Mark Dahncke, told Motor Authority that the automaker has acknowledged the demand for the A6 Avant's wagon body style, and is evaluating whether or not to sell the vehicle stateside. The executive reportedly stated that Audi's decision will come soon.

When contacted by The Drive for confirmation, as well as comment on possible sale of the A4 Avant, Dahncke commented that Audi will "continue to investigate future models and certainly include Avant variants as part of that process."

Previously, Audi has explained that it does not sell the A6 Avant in the U.S. due to the likelihood of stealing sales from the similarly priced Q7. Continued interest in the high-performance RS6 Avant in particular (the model is widely seen as Europe-only forbidden fruit) may be attributable for Audi's more receptive stance toward selling the model in the U.S., though the automaker has likely also noted that the wagon segment is among the fastest-growing vehicle segments in the American market.

Wagons were found in a recent study to be the body style with the fourth-largest percentage growth in sales over the last five years, at 29 percent, behind crossovers, small SUVs, and midsize pickup trucks. Despite their growing sales figures, their market share remains minuscule at about two percent. Crossovers remain the fastest-growing body style, and it is likely for that reason that Audi stuck with them for its first electric vehicle, the E-Tron crossover. Audi has not made public any plans to produce an electric wagon, but if one is made, whether it arrives in the U.S. could be informed by Audi's decision regarding the A6 Avant.