Audi Might Bring the RS 4 and RS 6 Avant Stateside If We Plead Hard Enough

Rumor has it that Audi Sport is interested in bringing its hot wagons to North America, but we have to work for it.

byChris Constantine|
Audi News photo

If you've been browsing The Drive even for a little while, you've likely come across a few articles announcing some new hot hatchback or wagon with a complaint from us saying that said car isn't coming to the United States. The Audi RS4 and RS6 Avant wagons are the worst offenders thanks to a combination of stunning looks, top-tier performance, and endless practicality. We want them, but we can't have them. 

In an interview with MotorTrend however, vice president of Product Management for Audi of America Filip Brabec said that wagon fans shouldn't give up hope just yet. "“We always look at potential new opportunities in the market. It’s a niche to explore,” Brabec said. “We keep holding discussions. Keep writing us letters.”

This isn't a confirmation that we'll get the Avant twins mind you, it just means that Audi hears our cries and is at the very least interested in bringing the cars over. In an email to The Drive, senior manager of product and motorsports communications Mark Dahncke stressed that there are no official plans right now, but that Audi will continue to evaluate the market to see if it's worth it to bring these RS models to the States.


According to MotorTrend, the luxury car market isn't learning towards wagons right now, even in Europe. Younger buyers would rather have a Sportback-style car than a wagon, which Audi does offer in North America thanks to the just-debuted RS 5 Sportback.

"The Sportback offers more image than the Avant," explained Michael-Julius Renz, CEO of Audi Sport. "The Sport back is for young families looking for a sporty, fashion-oriented car with functionality that they can put the kids in. The Avant customer is a little bit older, more entrepreneurial."

All is not lost though. Like Filip Brabec said, as long as fans keep demonstrating interest towards these hot wagons, Audi will keep discussing the possibility of bringing them across the pond. If you absolutely need a German luxury performance wagon right now though, the new Nurburgring-taming Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate has this corner of the market on lockdown.