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Queen Elizabeth II’s Shockingly Ordinary 2004 Range Rover Will Go to Auction

This Range Rover features only the most basic royal modifications and did 109,675 miles under her stewardship.
Iconic Auctioneers

Queen Elizabeth II was known as a real Land Rover enthusiast. As the legend goes, she once received an automatic Land Rover Defender, and had it sent back to have a manual transmission fitted. She was also known to fix the trucks herself and preferred to drive whenever she could. This rather ordinary 2004 Range Rover, then, is a rare opportunity to own a car driven and presumably loved by the late, legendary Queen of England.

It’s a bona fide royal car supplied by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. Under contract 34319, this lovely-looking green and tan L322-generation truck went to the Queen with a select few modifications to make it fit for royal security duty. Land Rover modified the front grill to fit hidden lights controlled by a switch pack, and added front and rear seat covers, a dog guard, trunk mat, side steps, and mud flaps. There are also Queen-specific modifications like the dual rear window switches and rear grab handles. 

Of course, the Queen has a large fleet and doesn’t drive every vehicle in it. Most of them are for the security detail and entourage, but according to the seller, Iconic Auctioneers, this one is verified as being driven by the Queen on video. The video isn’t posted but is available upon request, making this Range Rover particularly special and cool as one of Her Majesty’s chosen vehicles. And with 109,675 miles on the clock, it was driven plenty, though how many of those miles she drove is unknown. Funnily enough, it was serviced at normal Land Rover dealers for its entire life.

Iconic Auctioneers estimates it will sell for $60,000 to $70,000 (plus several taxes and fees) when it hits the block next month. It will be auctioned live in the United Kingdom on November 11, which might be your only chance to own a car driven by Queen Elizabeth II.

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