Pumpkin Spice Car-Detailing Spray Is a Product That Exists For Some Reason

It started as a joke but now it's one of Adam's best sellers.
Adam's Polishes

We love our pumpkin spice, here in the U.S. I blame Starbucks for coming out with the pumpkin spice latte in 2003 (which makes this year its 20th anniversary). Regardless of the reason, pumpkin spice takes over everything that you can smell or eat this time of year. The craze has even made its way into car detailers, as Adam’s Polishes offers a pumpkin spice-scented detailing spray.

Admittedly, this pumpkin spice car detailing spray isn’t actually that absurd, since it’s both an interior and exterior product. So if you use it inside your car, you freshen the scent of your cabin while cleaning it. As for usage on exteriors, the smell is just for you while washing your car, as few people will actually sniff your ride.

Aside from the scent, this car detailer is exactly the same as Adam’s Polishes classic detail spray. Why even bother making a scented version of Adam’s classic spray? In 2015, during an Autumn Monday morning meeting, an employee joked that the company should make a pumpkin spice spray and that joke not only became a reality but a big seller for the brand. Now, Adam’s brings it back to the market every year. According to Adam’s, the company gets countless social media and email requests to bring it back every fall.

Each year, Adam’s gives the bottle a new design, and this year’s features a jack-o’-lantern driving a hot-rod. With this pumpkin-scented spray being a limited edition, and each one sporting its own label design with the year it was made, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them becoming collectors’ items.

Adam’s is based in Thornton, Colorado, which is said to have particularly beautiful Falls. Those gorgeous Fall seasons are among the reasons why this pumpkin spice detailing spray is so popular locally, as the changing of the leaves gets everyone in the spirit. It isn’t any more expensive than the normal detail spray, at $12.99 for 16oz, either, so you aren’t paying extra money for the scent. If you don’t want the scent, the standard spray is still sold alongside the smelly stuff.

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