The New Bugatti Sunglasses Actually Look Pretty Cool

These sunglasses are made of materials that some supercars don’t have.

byNico DeMattia|


Back in February, Bugatti partnered with optical designer Larry Sands to create a series of sunglasses called the Bugatti Collection One, which debuted in Milan. The duo is back at it, with the Bugatti Collection Two, which just debuted at Silmo 2023 in Paris, which is like SEMA but for sunglasses.

“Our first collection was really just the beginning. With twice as many styles, Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two really has something for everyone," said Sands. Of course, by everyone, he means "everyone that can afford a $2,000 pair of sunglasses."


As ridiculous as it might sound for a pair of sunglasses costs about as much as I paid for my entire 2005 Audi A4 Ultrasport a few years ago, these Bugatti/Sands sunglasses are made from materials that I wished my Audi had. Here are some of the materials Bugatti used in the making of these sunglasses: carbon fiber (because of course), Macassar ebony wood with mother-of-pearl inlays, grade 5 titanium, and 18k gold with black palladium accents.

Some of them are pretty cool looking, too, in a charming arms dealer sort of way. Particularly the pair with the drop-down shades. I can see a stylish side villain in the next Mission Impossible flick donning those when they tell Ethan Hunt about some dangerous MacGuffin he needs to obtain. "Get the unobtanium for me and I'll give you the bad guy's whereabouts *shade drop*." Something like that.


Did you expect anything less from Bugatti, though? As easy as it is to roll our eyes at how out-of-touch brands like Bugatti seem when they roll out obnoxiously priced hypercars, the engineering and quality behind them are still absurdly impressive. A Bugatti Chiron is a marvel of modern engineering and one of the most astonishing vehicles in the history of the automobile. So I actually appreciate the brand using exotic materials for its sunglasses because, let's be real, even if Bugatti slapped its emblem on a $100 pair of plastic sunglasses, its customers would still pay $2,000. At least the price tag is commensurate with the materials.

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