This 1:4 Scale Bugatti Chiron Engine and Transmission Costs Almost $10K

About 2,500 hours of development time went into this near-exact replica.

byCaleb Jacobs|
This 1:4 Scale Bugatti Chiron Engine and Transmission Costs Almost $10K

Amalgam, a British model maker that specializes in automotive and motorsport-inspired builds, has perfectly recreated the Bugatti Chiron's 1,500 HP powertrain at 1:4 scale. The exquisitely crafted piece is more like a sculpture with about 1,040 individual parts, according to the company. No time is spared building the replica, either, as the time spent with each example eclipses 220 hours per.

The company is able to manufacture such a close representation of the engine and transmission as a result of its close relationship with the Bugatti design team. This allows them access to parts of the car that few others have seen, also enabling Amalgam to capture the most precise details like parts numbers and barcodes. Those who built it claim to be a masterpiece of engineering and artistry that can be traced back to the French marque's founder, Ettore Bugatti.

It is the first engine model built by the Amalgam Collection since the early 2000s. It stands 9-inches tall and 18-inches long, serving as a wonderfully proportioned piece that would be right at home alongside the rest of a wealthy automotive collector's assortment. The piece is constructed with polyurethane prototyping resin, stainless steel, and metal (pewter) components, all of which are assembled by hand. Upon completion, it is completely and thoroughly checked by Bugatti to assure authenticity. Amalgam told The Drive that it uses CAD drawings sent directly from the manufacturer to achieve this level of correctness.

This model is available for order on Amalgam's website for $9,365. While that may seem blisteringly expensive, there are few if any others that can match this type of cloning at a 1:4 scale. If you're looking to spend more on a nut-and-bolt replication, you can hop across the company's catalog to Ferrari 333SP race car model that costs $11,176.

First deliveries are expected in January for the Chiron models.