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No, a Supra Turbo Camera Car Didn’t Film the Bugatti Chiron 0-400-0 Video

A recent report refutes suggestions that a Bugatti Chiron 0-400-0 video was filmed by a monster MK4 Supra Turbo.

Seemingly everyone saw the Bugatti Chiron’s amazing 0-400-0 challenge, featuring the famous former F1 driver, Juan Pablo Montoya. The video was incredibly filmed, featuring multiple aerial shots and a chase angle to capture the mind-bending 42-second run. But what camera car did the Chiron chase, exactly? According to a viral image, the the secret sauce behind the badass video is a 1,250-horsepower Toyota Supra Turbo camera car.

Over the past couple of days, the picture garnered more than 14,700 shares on Facebook and more than 14,800 likes on Instagram

But is it plausible? Sure, a twin-turbo Supra putting down 1,250 hp is plenty capable to capture footage at high speed. But is it true? Why wouldn’t Bugatti just bring another one of its own Concordes on four wheels instead?

According to the exclusive video from above, Bugatti did in fact use a second Chiron to film the run. What’s more, the white Chiron featured a special mounting system developed to ensure the camera will stay securely fastened at high speed. 

Supra enthusiasts and fans of the photo in general may be disappointed they stumbled upon this killjoy of an article, but don’t shoot the messenger. I’m not a Supra hater. I just want to remind everyone to never trust everything posted on reddit and 9gag.

And to end the story at a happier note, check out Smoky Nagata sending his Top Secret Supra out on an illegal top-speed attempt at the U.K. below: