Watch Chris Harris Wax Poetic About the Bugatti Chiron

Do you really need an excuse to press play?

It’s finally the weekend, and what better way to ring it in than to sit back and watch your favorite car connoisseur, Top Gear‘s Chris Harris, evaluate the merits of the mind-bendingly fast Bugatti Chiron. Of course, you may have already seen this a couple weeks ago when it was featured on the show, but today’s video comes from Harris’ more enthusiast-targeted web-series Chris Harris Drives over at (Sadly, we can’t embed it, but you can watch it on the Top Gear site by clicking here.)

In the video, Chris takes the Chiron for a drive through some scenic and curvy mountain roads near the border of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, talking through the car’s dynamic characteristics before arriving at a runway—inevitable, considering what this car was ultimately made for. 

Chris’s sentiments here reflect the ones already seen on the show, albeit with more detail and less flashy editing. It feels “profoundly different to the Veyron,” he says, in that the Chiron’s handling prowess now matches its straight line dominance. Proclamations include “designed to demolish road surfaces”, “loves corners”, and “one of the best electric steering racks I’ve ever driven.” 

Of course, no Chiron video worth its bandwidth is complete without full-throttle runway shenanigans. Here, Harris manages to get the new hypercar over 230 mph, markedly slower than the old Veyron’s record you might notice, as Bugatti is still reportedly working on this car.