Watch a Mercedes-AMG GT Drag Race Drone That Hits 60 MPH in 1 Second

People are willing to race anything nowadays, and we’re okay with that.

byElizabeth Puckett|
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A racing drone steps up to take on a Mercedes AMG GT Roadster in this air versus land showdown. This race between an AMG GT Roadster and the high-performance quadcopter is an expected pairing, which makes it pretty, plus we’ll watch anything race. 

The unmanned aerial vehicle in the Mercedes-released clip accelerates to 60 miles per hour in one second, which is obviously quite a bit faster than the 3,700-pound Mercedes AMG GT Roadster, versus the one-pound drone. This little flying machine is made to record races, so it has to be pretty quick to get ahead of the sports cars its meant to track. 

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Even though the AMG can’t reach 60 mph in one second, it can reach it 3.3 seconds. While it’s no dog down low, the engine powering it is a twin turbo 4.0-liter V8, so it really shows off once it gets off the line. 

Due to the weight of the drone, it’s going to have quite a bit of an advantage over the Roadster, except when it comes to top speed or unexpected track birds. The higher speed advantage of the Roadster doesn’t matter much in this race, or at least from what we see of it in this video—the contest is only a sprint race across smaller spaces. 

It would be far more interesting to watch the two hash it out through an entire lap, going head-to-head, but we only get to see it over shorter distances. During the race to 100 meters, the drone has no problem shaking the GT, with the races getting a little closer over the second two laps. 

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