Canadian Police Bust Teen Speeding at 191 MPH in Dad’s Mercedes-AMG C63

Just wait till your father gets home!

byPeter Holderith|
Mercedes-Benz News photo

Triple-digit speeding tickets around the country have been on the rise due to the roads emptying out with people stuck at home over the last two months. California in particular has had a more than 87% increase in tickets over 100 mph. That same can-do attitude apparently exists in the great frozen north of Canada as well—especially if you're a teenager, and dear ol' dad has a 450-horsepower Mercedes-AMG

This past weekend, police in Burlington, Ontario pulled over a 19-year-old driving his father's Mercedes-AMG C63, a 451-horsepower super saloon with a 6.2-liter V8, at 191 mph on the Queen Elizabeth Highway. That's about 125 mph over the limit, if you're keeping score. The officer who made the stop shared his amazement at the sight in a 13-minute-long Periscope video, embedded further down.

The officer's reading of the C63's speed., Credit: OPP Highway Safety Division

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt describes the entire situation as "beyond words," noting that the illegal street racing is on the rise around Toronto with 150 incidences being recorded since the May 1. Seem's like Canada is doing just as well as California. "This could have turned into the most devastating, fatal crash ever," he says with no small amount of annoyance at the idea that someone would pull this on public roads.

Assuming the radar gun is correct, that 191-mph well exceeds the standard C63's top speed of 155 mph. All it would take is a tune to get there, though—the C63's M156 V8 is a beast.

There will of course be consequences for what the teen did. To start, the teenager managed to get his dad's car impounded for a week. He also lost his license for a week. If that sounds a little light for putting himself and others in a potentially fatal situation, you're right. Sgt. Schmidt informs us the teen will head to court, facing potential prison time, a $10,000 fine, and a license suspension of two years. A hefty price to pay for a joyride.

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