Mercedes-AMG GT Hybrid With Over 800 HP and AWD Might Eclipse Black Series

The top-shelf Black Series could soon be dethroned by plug-in tech.​​​​​​​​

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When Daimler announced it had electric AMGs, G-Wagens and Maybachs on the way, The Drive pelted the automaker with questions on its plans for these coming EVs. While Mercedes-Benz Cars' Head of Product and Technology Communications, Koert Groeneveld, couldn't answer most of them, he hinted that a past concept car holds a key to AMG's future, one that suggests serious hybrid performance and a possibly new, Black Series-beating nameplate are in the cards.

"Can't reveal any details at this point in time," replied Groeneveld on questions regarding AMG's first electrified model. "However, maybe you remember our AMG GT Concept of Geneva 2017? Such a vehicle/powertrain concept will for sure be an important chapter in the book of Future Performance at Mercedes-Benz. But it will not be the only chapter."

The 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Concept to which Groeneveld refers previewed 2018's AMG GT four-door, albeit in a plug-in hybrid form Mercedes has yet to produce. This concept was said to utilize advanced charging techniques beyond regenerative braking, notably via "the aid of the combustion engine," suggesting Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 Team's newly road-ready Energy Recovery System plays a role. Additionally, Mercedes has since confirmed the 2021 S-class hybrid will employ electro-hydraulic suspension that can recharge hybrid batteries—tech that'd play nicely with a high-performance vehicle.

On the concept car, all this energy was used to drive an electric motor on the rear axle, where it could either propel the car on its own or augment power from AMG's 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 fed into the torque-vectoring 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. By their powers combined, they generated 805 horsepower and were said to produce zero-to-60 times of under three seconds.

And unlike most high-tech concept cars' technologically infeasible promises, the AMG GT's may soon be a reality. Reports of an upcoming GT four-door PHEV in 2019 were followed by sightings of suspected prototypes, which trademark filings implied could revive the 73 suffix not used since 2001's SL 73 AMG. Consensus dictates this model's production name will be GT 73 4MATIC, though Mercedes itself suggested at the concept's announcement that it could also be suffixed EQ Power+.

As for the one remaining question of when, Mercedes' Tobias Moers (before his promotion to Aston Martin CEO) confirmed to Autocar at 2019's Geneva Motor Show that the GT 73 4MATIC EQ Power+ or some lesser mouthful would drop in 2020. Given how COVID-19 has forced the world to change its plans for the year, however, we've reached back out to Mercedes to confirm this plan is still on track, and we will update when we receive comment.

2017 Mercedes-AMG GT EQ Power+ Concept, Daimler

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