This Formula Drift Drone Footage Looks Like a Forza Motorsport Trailer

A first-person UAV view produced by videographer Johnny Schaer.

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Drone footage of cars racing is quite entertaining and not everyone has the skill to follow cars with close proximity as they fly by. However, Johnny Schaer who runs YouTube channel johnny_fpv, has some serious drone controlling skill. He released video footage he compiled from a recent Formula Drift event where he tested out the new GoPro Hero 7 camera. Watch as the cars in this case slide around the track.

The footage is something else. If we did not tell you already, it is real race footage that at first glance looks like the kind of camera angles you get when watching a Forza Motorsport video game trailer. Funny being that there is a Formula Drift car pack coming to both Forza Motorsport 7 and the soon to be released Forza Horizon 4

YouTube | Johnny FPV

Schaer points his drones through the drift car smoke and a few feet away from the cars, almost in the windows while pairs of cars do battle on the track. Schaer's footage features many Formula Drift drivers such as Fredric Aasbo, Matt Field, Chelsea DeNofa, Justin Pawlak, Kristaps Bluss, James Deane, and Dan Burkett. You name the driver and his video probably has them.

After the drift footage, Schaer goes through the details of his drone setup including the motor hardware that keeps the drones airborne. They are custom made mini-drones that help him to keep up with the drift cars.

To get up close and personal with all the cars on the track, check out Schaer's drone drift footage below. 

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