Toronto Wants to Give Fines for Loud Cars and Motorcycles

Make sure to set your exhaust to stealth mode before entering the city.

byBrian Evans|
Motorcycles photo

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John Tory, the mayor of Toronto, has started a fight against loud cars and motorcycles on the city's streets.

In a letter to Toronto's licensing and standards department Mayor Tory said, "It is my view that over the past year in particular, this has become a much more widespread problem affecting quality of life for residents and visitors alike." He added, "It is disturbing people in their homes, during the day and at night, it is disrupting business and it is having a negative impact on tourists, all in the apparent cause of feeding the egos of inconsiderate people."

City employees are currently reviewing the city’s laws to see what can be done. They are expected to have a report ready for the licensing and standards committee in about a year.

Mayor Tory has asked that city staff looks at the policies found in other cities across Canada and in the United Kingdom. He hopes to see what technology and fine schedules they use to combat these loud noise violations.

A poll posted in The Star, shows that 70 percent of the more than 6,400 votes are in agreement that the noise from loud cars and motorcycles has gotten out of control. 

According to the mayor’s letter, the City of Edmonton has looked into using a modified red light camera system to capture the license plates of noise ordinance violators. London, according to the mayor, has used electronic signs with a decibel readout to warn drivers of excessive noise and created substantial fines for vehicles that are above the decibel limit.

"Even in a busy city there have to be limits and ways to enforce them. As one resident recently said to me 'We don't want to become the city that never sleeps' I agree," stated Tory.