This Wild Camera Drone Footage Captures the Adrenaline of Gridlife at Road Atlanta

When onboard cameras don't give a broad enough scope, look to the skies.

Last weekend’s Gridlife South festival brought raucous cars and music to the famed Road Atlanta track in scenic Braselton, Georgia. The gathering has been designated as a real-life Forza Horizon festival with drifting, concerts and a whole lotta fun-having flooding the venue on Gridlife’s coast-to-coast event tour. Social media and the rest of the internet has been set ablaze with images and video, but some of the best footage comes courtesy of aerial camera drones capturing the on-track action. 

For many drifters and pro drivers, Gridlife is like a summer vacation as some use the event as a mid-season retreat. Collectively, it offers an opportunity to escape from heated competition and reboot with the fun stuff in mind.

At this year’s edition of the get-together, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chelsea DeNofa, Ryan Tuerck and plenty of other well-known drivers were in attendance. Along with drifting, Gridlife also features time attack runs and a good ol’ track day experience. 

Videographer and YouTube content creator Steele Davis was there in full force with his gear in hand (and air), resulting in some admittedly awesome drone footage following the drift cars around track. The clip features lots of tires being shredded, Davis’ drone getting so close to the drift cars that he nearly flies it into their windows and, of course, some truly wicked driving skill.

You can check out the video below and plan your trip to Gingerman Raceway in Michigan as the event makes its next stop there on Oct. 6-7.