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Famous Musician T-Pain Learns How to Drift With the Help of a Professional

Formula Drift driver Chelsea DeNofa took on the challenge and instructed T-Pain at the famed Road Atlanta course.

Famous musician T-Pain learned to drift behind the wheel of a V8-powered Nissan 240SX at last weekend’s Gridlife South festival, putting his newfound love for the activity to action. The self-professed lover of the sport was instructed by Formula Drift pro driver Chelsea DeNofa who brought the celebrity along for a spot of sliding and smoking around the Road Atlanta facility, hopefully singing harmoniously in Autotune along the way.

T-Pain revealed last week that he wanted to take on drifting and he was immediately well-received by the community, being urged by many including the Hoonigan crew to join them for some automotive tomfoolery. It just so happened that the traveling automotive event known as Gridlifewas making a stop near his home in the ATL, so T-Pain bounced on the opportunity.

DeNofa was there to meet up with the 2000s pop sensation in his teammate Vaugh Gittin Jr.’s Ford Mustang RTR, which competes on the current Formula Drift calendar.

DeNofa met up with T-Pain on a skid pad at Road Atlanta in an attempt to teach the “Nappy Boy” how to drift. First, DeNofa threw him in Gittin Jr.’s Mustang RTR and let him get a feel for the car before he began giving some direction. Pain then started to get comfortable in the Mustang RTR and it showed through on this video posted to the rapper’s Instagram.

After giving him plenty of time in Gittin Jr.’s car, DeNofa had T-Pain swap into his own Nissan 240SX S14 which he purchased just a few weeks ago. The car is powered by a Chevrolet LS3 V8 engine among a few other mods to make it slide easier, and as DeNofa says, “It’s actually a really nice car.”

“Confidence came up in the Mustang and when I got in the 240 I was like, ‘Yeah I got this.’ Then I didn’t have it. Then I did. And then I didn’t have it at the end,” said T-Pain. 

Regardless of his skill level, it’s admirable to see the artist take on something new that isn’t falling in love with an, erm, dancer.

Check out the full clip below: