Speeding Suzuki Driver Touches the Face of God in Wild Dukes of Hazzard Jump

♬ I believe I can fly ♬

byChris Teague|
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“Almost empty roads do not release you from liability and compliance with regulations.” This fitting message comes from police in Lodz, Poland after a suspected drunk driver went airborne over a roundabout embankment in spectacular (and Hollywood-esque) fashion. Luckily the driver survived the impact, which was all caught on a nearby CCTV, but his Suzuki Swift and everything it hit appears to be a total loss.

On Easter Sunday, the driver entered the roundabout at far too high a speed to stop or manage the turn in any way. The impact with the roundabout embankment sent the Suzuki Swift flying, and it appears to continue its ascent as it exits the video frame. 

A volunteer firefighter said that the Suzuki took down a pine tree and flew over a monument to the Pope before landing on an outbuilding belonging to a local church. The vehicle was so smashed up that the man had to be cut out, but there was a fire that had to be put out first. 

Amazingly, the driver was still conscious albeit too badly injured to get checked for alcohol at the scene. Police were sure to make the point that alcohol was very apparent on the driver’s breath.

Roundabouts are one of those things that drivers just can’t seem to figure out. Time and time again, we see videos and news of people, sober people, plowing through the roundabout and either reacting too late or not reacting at all. There was an incident just a couple of months ago, where a woman took her BMW M4 into the stratosphere after missing a roundabout. The gumshoes over at r/IdiotsInCars have compiled several other examples, and if you’ve got a few days to kill you can get started here or here.

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