This Dealer Will Pay Customers’ Mortgage for Two Months If They Buy a New Car in April

And that’s on top of the manufacturers’ existing car payment assistance plans.

byChris Teague|
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As the coronavirus pandemic and related economic crisis continue to deepen, millions of people have lost their jobs and struggled to gather a paycheck. That obviously makes it hard to pay bills and the problem has dealt a devastating blow to the auto industry, among others. It's not all bad, though, because there have been a few bright spots in all of the madness. We’ve seen car dealers and businesses of all types stepping up to the plate to help their customers during this trying time, but one Washington D.C.-area dealer is taking the concept to a new level. 

Koons Silver Spring Ford recently announced its new purchase program, which goes above and beyond helping with car payments and extends to covering customers' mortgage, rent, or lease for up to two months.

Koons says anyone who purchases a new Ford, Lincoln, or Mazda in the month of April qualifies to receive up to $1,500 per month for their home payment.  

That’s a screaming deal, but it’s made even sweeter by the fact that Ford's incentives still apply. The automaker's current programs include up to six months of payment relief for new vehicle buyers, which covers three months of deferred payments and three additional months of payments covered by the company. Additionally, Ford is offering zero-percent financing on loans as long as 84 months. Current owners that financed through Ford Credit can also contact their lender for help with payments. 

Lincoln’s assistance programs include payment extensions, zero-percent financing, a deferred first payment, and a variety of pickup and dropoff options for maintenance needs. 

Mazda offers no payments for 90 days, 0.9 percent financing for 60 months, and a $1,500 loyalty reward for returning buyers.

It will likely be some time before the world gets back to normal—and who knows what "normal" will look like then—but it’s uplifting to see others go the extra mile, especially for those who need a helping hand.

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