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This Wacky Porsche Tribute Boat Is as Close as You’ll Get to an Amphibious 911

At last, a boat to match your Porsche 911.
Bring a Trailer

This replica Porsche boat draws its aesthetic inspiration from the classic, air-cooled Porsche 911s of yore. No, it’s not an actual Porsche boat, but it really does look like one. And it’s now for sale on Bring A Trailer.

The boat itself is a 1996 Craig Craft 168 Boss. Despite its Porsche-lookalike appearance, the 16-foot speedboat is actually powered by a GM-sourced 4.3-liter V6 engine, hooked up to a Berkeley jet drive unit. To be clear for the lawyers in the audience, the boat really has nothing to do with Porsche at all, barring a passing resemblance to the marque’s automobiles.

The little details give the boat its Porsche-like look and feel. Most of all, it’s down to the twin round headlights slightly raised out of the bow. Further aiding the cause are the side mirrors, windscreen, and curvaceous lines that seem to ape the classic German design language. Porsche badging and logos are present inside and out to complete the illusion.

As far as actual features go, the boat sports a complete stereo system and a ski pylon for fun out on the water. The bold two-tone black and yellow exterior is matched by the interior trim, with two bucket seats up front with room to carry a further two passengers in the rear. Much like the 911, the boat also features a front trunk for storage.

The boat appears in fresh condition and was reportedly stored for much of the last 27 years. The V6 engine is said to have been fitted as recently as August 2021 at the boat’s most recent service. According to the seller, it’s been run for less than three hours by the current and previous owners.

As far as speedboats go, this one’s a pretty little unit with a nice sporty aesthetic. It’s certainly less garish than the metal-flake specials you might be accustomed to seeing down at the lake. If you want this one for yourself, the current bid stands at $16,000 at the time of writing. It comes complete with a trailer, too, so if you’re lucky enough to win the auction, you won’t have to wait long to hook it up to the back of your Cayenne and hit the water.

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