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This 2022 Ford Maverick Inspired by ‘Back to the Future’ Is Done Right

It may not be a 1985 Toyota truck but we're pretty sure Marty McFly would still approve of this rad throwback build.
modified ford maverick vip accessories
VIP Accessories

There are two iconic pieces of American culture that have been absent for quite a while: Back to the Future at the box office and a healthy small truck market. And when I say small truck, c’mon, the current Toyota Tacoma is anything but.

However, thanks to last year’s introduction of the Ford Maverick, small trucks are making their way back, and I’m here for it. Especially when people utilize them to pay homage to categorically cool small trucks of yore like Marty McFly’s 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab in Back to the Future.

Recently, this build on piqued our interest and I think almost any car enthusiast will agree that it looks the business.

modified ford maverick vip accessories

The Right Color and Accessories

It’s cool how much of a difference just three mods can make. Scope those KC Hilite LED lights, that Keko Sport Bar, and the modification that ties it all together: the 2-inch lift. These alone would make a noticeable difference to any Maverick build, but when combined with the hood scope and old-school-resembling Alpha Foxtrot wheels wrapped in bulky Toyo Open Country tires, it’s a thoroughly cool package. I actually didn’t notice the scoop at first glance. Even though it’s prominently placed on the Maverick’s bodywork, it still blends in well. Not too big, but makes just enough of a visual statement.

Just like McFly’s method of standing out from normal off-the-line factory fare, the paint and lighting changes are neat too. I love the blacked-out emblems, satin tailgate applique, and black Maverick tailgate inlay.

All Maverick tailgates feature prominent embossing—as all pickups should—but the addition of the black raised characters is an easy yet effective way to stand out. As is its window tint and spray-in bedliner.

modified ford maverick vip accessories

Form and Function

It’s safe to say that the Ford Maverick has been a hit so far. While much of what’s been done to this homage is largely for aesthetics, there’s definitely some increased function, too. The increased ride height and meaty tires could make a real off-road hero out of any all-wheel drive-equipped Mav. Possibly more than a Tremor-ized example. Though, it might not have the Tremor’s improved rear locking differential, added cooling, and off-road-centric traction control.

Ironically, this modded example sports the same rubber as the Tremor.

modified ford maverick vip accessories

Keep Rad Ford Mavericks Coming

It’s good to see that the aftermarket has taken a shine to the Ford Maverick. Despite being in high demand, with some trucks seeing production delays and markups, utilizing it for a blank canvas of cool customization is always a good thing, and I’m glad somebody made one look a lot like the iconic rig in Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 American classic.

More brands should follow Ford and Hyundai’s lead and sell small trucks, too.

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