Slammed Ford Maverick With Tribal Graphics Is a True Modern Mini Truck

It’s hitting car shows everywhere, picking up trophies at each one so far.

byJames Gilboy| UPDATED Feb 23, 2022 1:34 PM
Slammed Ford Maverick With Tribal Graphics Is a True Modern Mini Truck

Ever since car companies got out of the game of selling smaller pickups here in the States, mini trucks have been relegated to somewhat of an underground scene. With the new Ford Maverick finally here though, car culture is rushing back to small trucks and is already extensively modifying them with aftermarket performance and OEM parts alike. Naturally, this also paves the way for the return of the mini show truck, as pioneered in part by the slammed 2022 Ford Maverick XL shown here.

Built by one Kenneth McCay, this Maverick rides on 22-inch Niche wheels nestled into the truck's fenders by custom air suspension. Its trim has been matched to its body color, while legit painted graphics streak down its hood and sides to its rear fender, where the tailgate's inset Maverick lettering has been highlighted in blue.

A 35-by-35-inch custom ragtop peels back the lid on a fully redesigned interior, with seats reupholstered in diamond-stitch leather (or at least something like it). The door cards and other panels have been refinished, partially in what looks to be felt, and it has an extensive stereo system with multiple speakers in each front door, one each in the rears, and big subs in the floor.

Because the Maverick is unibody, it can't pull the classic mini truck trick of hoisting and twirling around its bed with pneumatics. Still, that'd just be icing on the cake that is a truck so popular that companies already want a share of the attention it gets. The owner told me he's already been spotted an intake and catback exhaust by a company for an appearance at the Lone Star Throwdown truck show in Houston, and that Ford itself has asked to use photos of the truck.

Facebook | Kenneth McCay

Between this and the various other Maverick builds linked above, it feels safe to say this puny pickup is leading the revival of the small truck scene here in America. It's a shame the chip shortage is capping Maverick production, because it's clear demand for the Maverick vastly outstrips supply, and it'll be a while before GM and Stellantis can ready anything to compete with it. Not that the Hyundai Santa Cruz doesn't deserve credit for trying, but it's clear which is the bigger hit with truck buyers.

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