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This 2022 Ford Maverick Already Has 112,344 Miles, and You Can Buy It

The humble Maverick averaged around 270 miles per day after it was first sold in 2021.
Roselle Motors

The Ford Maverick has strong sales to back up its enticing price and exceptional fuel economy—it’s just a good little truck. Owners love them, though we’ve yet to see another driven quite as far as this one that’s for sale at Roselle Motors in Lake St. Roselle, Illinois. The EcoBoost-powered 2022 Maverick XLT has been driven 112,334 miles since it was first sold on Oct. 25, 2021, which averages out to roughly 270 miles per day until it was traded in on Dec. 9.

This figure is backed up by the vehicle’s CarFax, and you can see the odometer reading in one of the interior photos. We’ve reached out to Roselle Motors to see if the business knows how the one-owner Maverick accrued so many miles. We’ve yet to hear back, though.

This high mileage could make sense for a vehicle used as a part of a company’s fleet; however, the fact that it’s an EcoBoost as opposed to a hybrid makes it a less likely fleet vehicle. It’s possible that the buyer simply wanted all-wheel-drive, which isn’t offered on hybrid Mavericks, but that’s strictly speculation.

Relatively new pickups with super high mileage are nothing new. They’re often heavy-duty machines driven by hotshot truckers as opposed to Mavericks, though. We’ve previously written about a 2022 F-450 Super Duty with 166,000 miles on it, as well as a 2013 6.7L Ford Super Duty that hit 1.3 million miles in just eight years. They were used for hauling heavy loads long distances. Mavericks can tow a fair amount of weight for what they are, but I doubt that’s what this was being used for.

Unless we hear back, all we can do is speculate. Maybe the owner just loved their Maverick. Either way, Roselle Motors hopes you’ll love this one a lot to pay the asking price of $29,945—yowzers.

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