Red Hot Job Opp: Oscar Meyer Is Hiring Weinermobile Drivers

The annual gig attracts thousands of job applicants to nab one of 12 openings, so ketchup and get your resume in quickly.

Oh, if you wish you had a job after college, and that’s what your parents want to see, then get a job driving 10 yards of hot dog, so then they’ll leave you be-ee-e. 

(Eds note: I could go on for a long time rewriting the Oscar Meyer Weiner song in different ways, but I’ll save it in the interest of time.)

The Kraft Heinz Co., the parent company of Oscar Meyer, is staffing its iconic Weinermobile for another year, filling the 27-foot-long sausage car with young professionals who relish life on the road. 

The yearlong assignment crisscrosses the United States for more than 200 events marketing the all-American sausage with 11 other Weinermobile spokespeople. The gig doesn’t sound half bad for anyone just out of school—$36,500 base salary plus $150 weekly per diem for food and traveling expenses are covered. There are 18 days of paid vacation, health care coverage, and oh—you get to drive a bus-sized wurst on wheels. (I’d raise my hand just to have a chance to drift the massive hot dog.)

Applicants need to be college graduates with a 3.0 GPA or better, with a degree in an associated field: marketing, communications, journalism, public relations, or mustard. A driver’s license is mandatory for obvious reasons, and you should probably want to live on the road for a year. 

If that pickles your fancy, ketchup to the job listing and savor your chance at driving a piece of American history. Just promise you’ll hotdog it once behind the wheel of the big bus. 

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