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Oscar Mayer Is Looking for Full-Time Hotdoggers to Drive the Weinermobile Cross-Country

Think you've got what it takes to pilot the 27-foot nostalgia-mobile? Now's your chance to find out.

If you’re a recent college graduate and don’t mind a corny joke being tossed your way here and there, then this might be the job for you. Oscar Mayer has started taking applications for the 2020 class of “Hotdoggers,” AKA Weinermobile pilots, and the company is looking for a small selection of qualified professionals to take on the coveted role. 

Oscar Mayer

If you’re chosen for the role, the famous company says you’ll spend the year crisscrossing the country at the helm of the world-famous Wienermobile. As a new hire, your first two weeks will be spent at Hot Dog High, a two-week training program that includes choosing an appropriate Hotdogger nickname, learning family-friendly hot dog puns, and mastering the finer points of maneuvering a 27-foot hot dog on wheels.

The job of Hotdogger entails much more than driving and will end up looking a lot more like a brand ambassador role than anything else. As one of the chosen few, an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger can expect to represent the brand in radio and TV appearances, grocery store events, charity functions, and anywhere else that the Weinermobile is an appropriate fixture.

As you might imagine, competition for the role of Wienermobile pilot is fierce. Last year, thousands of people submitted applications for one of the 12 open positions. In fact, the job is so exclusive that Oscar Mayer claims more people have been to outer space than have held the position of Hotdogger. If your heart is set on becoming part of wiener history, you can submit your resume and view the official job description here.

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