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Live Like A Hot Dog King For A Day, Oscar Mayer Lists Its Wienermobile on Airbnb

The listing, however, didn't say if you have to BYOB (bring your own buns).

If you ever wished you were an Oscar Mayer Wiener, and that’s what you truly wanted to be, well, now you can! Well, sort of. If you’re a fan of hot dogs, fancied a stay in the Chicago area at the beginning of August, and ever wondered what it would be like to relish in one, now’s your chance, as Oscar Mayer recently listed its iconic Wienermobile for rent through Airbnb.

Starting on Wednesday, July 24, fans will be able to book up to a one-night stay in the world’s most famous 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels through the first weekend of August. Coincidentally, that’s also the same weekend of Lollapalooza, Chicago’s four-day major music festival.

“Set a reminder for (July 24), when booking opens on @Airbnb and become one of the first guests in the @Wienermobile!,” reads one of the company’s tweets along with a link to the Airbnb listing.

So if you’re planning a fun weekend with your significant other or B-F-F, the Wienermobile is said to have all the amenities of an RV that can house up to two people. Such accouterments include a full-size futon, a mini-fridge filled to the brim with, you guessed it, plenty of Oscar Mayer hot dogs, all the additional condiments to make a signature Chicago-dog, a portable grill to cook said frankfurters, and furniture to set up an impromptu outdoor hangout space, complemented by a piece of Wienermobile art by Laura Kiro. And yes, there’s even a bathroom.

How much will it cost to cut the mustard for the night? Just a cool $136, which is a steal when compared to inflated hotel prices in the area on that weekend. With that, each guest will also receive a special welcome kit.

Sadly, it appears the dates are all booked up on the Airbnb listing. But if you still want the chance to live out of the Wienermobile for some time, Oscar Mayer offers one-year, paid full-time gigs to drive around the country and promote the brand. All you need is a decent college GPA, either current or upon graduation, and a clean driving record.