New Hampshire State Police Stop Minivan For Leaning Tower of Luggage

No kids, this is not a good idea.

byMax Goldberg|
New Hampshire State Police Stop Minivan For Leaning Tower of Luggage


When going on a family vacation you normally picture all the kids crammed into the family SUV (or crossover), a dog slobbering on the window, and a mountain on luggage on the roof. The only thing is, you are only picturing the mountain of luggage because you watched National Lampoon's Vacation and not because your family actually practiced such unsafe packing habits.

As you can see in New Hampshire State Police's Facebook post below, someone took the popular vacation movie to heart and stacked a one-bedroom apartment on the roof (and sides) of their Honda Odyssey. Although this many look funny, such practices are far from a joke. Anything that inevitably would have fallen off this car would have become a projectile, capable of causing a serious accident. Fortunately, New Hampshire State Police were able to pull the van over before anything happened. The offending driver was cited for their violations and no other incident occurred. 

It is also worth noting this completely destroyers your vehicle's suspension. If you look closely at the back left tire, you can see some beautiful cambers and a maxed-out suspension. This may be the style in certain car cultures, but it is normally not reserved for minivans.

The one thing the driver did right was place an awesome Steal Your Face sticker on the back window.