Fate of the Furious Trailer Shows Cars Hacked For the Good of Evil

If you have eyes, you probably won’t have much trouble finding the CGI in this trailer.

byAaron Brown|
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There's a lot happening in this new three-minute Fate of the Furious trailer. Hacked cars go flying, Dom apparently becomes the worst person ever, and Luke Hobbs manages to kick a torpedo that's riding on some ice. Yeah, we don't know either. 

In the trailer, there are lots of things crashing, exploding, flying, and also some tasteless trappy music to top it all off. As we've already learned from previous trailers and teasers, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) turns on his previously beloved family and friends for a reason that we'll probably have to watch the movie to have unveiled, but that's just one of the pieces of the plot in this new movie. For some reason, the new villain, Cipher (Charlize Theron), decides to hack a bunch of cars so that they cause mass destruction in a city that appears to be New York.

So there's that.

Also, there's a lot of CGI. Some very, very obvious CGI.

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Also, not that this proves anything, but that black car toward the lower-middle area of the screen looks to be an Alfa Romeo Mito or Giulietta. That's not a car that was ever sold in America—just saying. 

Like, whatever happened to those underground street races and family barbecues from the early movies?

Anyways, find the trailer below. Fate of the Furious arrives in theaters April 14.

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