Fast & Furious Live Arena Shows Announced

Some call the series' stunts unrealistic. We'll see how true that is.

The official Fast & Furious Facebook page announced a series of arena-based stunt shows based on the high action moments of the now eight-film strong Fast & Furious franchise. 

The shows will begin to tour Europe starting in January of 2018, according to the official website, and will visit a total of 14 countries and 23 arenas. The tour itself will be kicked off with a display at London’s O2 Arena on Jan. 19, 2018. Tickets for the events go on sale Friday, Sept. 29. 

The live events will introduce new characters, including Sophia Diaz, and DSS Agent Dawson, who are tying off one of the story’s loose ends by chasing down Cain, one of the cohorts of Cipher, the villain of Fate of the Furious

The story was written by Rowland French, who has some past experience in the production of BBC’s Top Gear Live, another arena-based live car stunt show, not to mention his work on the TV show itself.

The variety of stunts will include entry from the first and fourth through eighth films, including everything from the car airdrop to the classic truck heist that served as the peak of the first film’s story.

We understand the lack of stunts such as the runway scene from Fast 6, or the death of Han from Tokyo Drift. The former didn’t sit well with moviegoers due to its absurdity, with the BBC calculating in 2013 that the runway was more than 18 miles long, and the latter, due to the fiery death of one of the series’ most beloved characters.

There is no word as of yet whether this tour of arena shows will be brought stateside, but given the prevalence of American muscle in the Fast & Furious franchise, we can’t imagine they will skip a stop (or ten) in the States.