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‘F8 of the Furious’ Is the Biggest Global Movie Opening, Ever

Action franchises are like strays: If you keep feeding them, they'll never leave.

The latest installment of possibly the most unlikely action film franchise successes ever, “The F8 of the Furious”, just broke the global box office opening record with $432.3M internationally and $100.2M at home, making the combined global opening tally a whopping $532.5M—”the biggest global opening for a film, ever” according to Deadline, beating a $529M worldwide opening for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

How does The Rock feel about this? The Rock feels swole and “SO GRATEFUL,” because The Rock does not take box office records or his fans or leg day lightly:

Parsing that $532.5M total by market reveals other records: In 17 markets the film takes the record for biggest opening weekend ever, and it’s the most aggressive start for a “Fast & Furious” movie in 32 markets. In terms of a Universal Pictures opening, it’s the biggest ever in 21 markets.

The latest installment of the 16-year-old series can thank China, in part, for its frenetic start: “F8” grossed an incredible $190M in China alone, representing the most successful three-day start ever and the top bow ever for a Hollywood film in the country.