Someone Buy This Beautifully Modded 1974 BMW 2002

With looks to kill and performance to back it up, this is a solid choice for vintage car lovers.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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The BMW 2002 has developed a cult following, probably far beyond what BMW anticipated. Treasured for its light weight and eagerness to corner, the "Neue Class" darling has represented the brand admirably to enthusiasts and racers alike. The ability to plug-and-play with different parts spanning different eras of Bimmers, the 2002 serves as a great host for upgrades—and going fast. The example found here on Bring a Trailer is a prime example, with a hotted-up engine, sport suspension, and a stripped interior to check off everything on your wish list. 

Widened fender flares give the 2002 a purposeful stance with stellar fifteen52 wheels filling them out, promising better traction over stock. A brown paint job with UPS livery adds a bit of a joke to the exterior, claiming "ludicrously fast delivery". Combined with the spartan cabin, this seems like a driver-focused project that could fit well with the right owner.

It still sports the original 2.0L M10 four-cylinder, albeit with mild upgrades. A 292 cam has been installed along with a list of other modified internals like lightened rods and high-compression pistons. As you can see in the picture, it's also been treated to a new set of Weber carburetors. Power is sent to the the 4-speed transmission, which then translates to a limited-slip differential, helping it to make the most out of the engine's output. 

Bring a Trailer

Handling has been a major focus for this build as well. The suspension has been tinkered with to help the car corner flat while the upgraded brakes aid its stopping efforts. The inherently lightweight package is already a strong starting point for spot-on turn-in and apex hunting, so these alterations only compliment the car's natural abilities.

Even if it weren't fast, we'd still love this car for its looks. A turbo valance has been fitted to the front along with a set of rally-style fog lights, giving the BMW a fresh motorsport look. The bolt-on flares further that statement, as does the tire lettering. All in all, this is a handsome auto that'll surely catch people's attention.

The car was serviced this month for the sale, ensuring what seems to be a well-running package. The head was torqued to spec and valve clearance was checked to make sure everything was right internally. The ad does state that the owner has receipts for all the modification work done.

Bidding at the time of posting is $10,500, but there's plenty of time left, with the auction ending on April 27th. Check in to see how much this thing goes for; we have a hunch that it'll fetch more than your typical 2002.

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