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For Sale: 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 for $429,900

The classic muscle market continues to rise.

We’re used to seeing classic exotic cars go for big money, but American muscle is reaching a new level in the collector’s market. A fully-loaded Hemi ‘Cuda was recently put up on the auction block with a price of $1.3 million, and now, we’re seeing this Mustang Boss 429 going for nearly half a million dollars. Thanks to a limited production run and coveted powertrain combo, this brute looks like it’ll fetch an enormous sum that we’re not accustomed to. This poses a question that begs to be answered — is this good for the hobby?

Possibly. In one sense, unique cars like this should be prized for the antiquities they are. On the other hand, it drives prices up to unattainable figures for those that have always had hopes of fetching them. Regardless of your stance on the situation, the condition and rarity of this Boss 429 is undeniable.

It’s 1 of just 859 built according to the ad, making it considerably more exclusive than your neighbor’s Foxbody. Seeing an example in this condition and color scheme is exceedingly special, too. 

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In addition to that, the 429 cubic inch motor is paired to a 4-speed manual, making it the most coveted layout of them all. This model introduced Cobra Jet Injection to the Mustang lineup, reaching far beyond its means of a 1960s muscle car. 

It was put into storage for 33 years, preserving it in like-new shape. It’s relatively unmolested, ensuring that things are as they should be at such a price point. It’s safe to say that if any Boss is worth $429,900, it’s this one.

What’s your opinion on this? Do you think that prices will continue to climb, or will they tumble once the market bubble bursts? Let us know in the comments or leave a note on The Drive’s Facebook page to start the discussion!