Look at this Irresistible Martini Porsche/VW Set That’s Up For Auction

An all-in-one package for vintage racing.

Air-cooled Porsches are familiar silhouettes on top-end auction blocks. Prices have ballooned, the market is ablaze, records are broken on examples ranging from exclusive production cars to period-correct racers. One evergreen performer is the Porsche 934/5 Slantnose, a turbo car that harkens back to Porsche’s motorsport heyday. Though we’ve seen several of them up for sale in the last few years, few strike us better than the one you see here which is matched to a handsomely crafted 1977 VW Transporter.

Bonhams has listed the pair to go for nearly $500,000. If, God forbid, they’re sold separate, the 934/5 could fetch around $350,00 to $440,000 on its own with the Volkswagen landing somewhere in the $50,000+ range. The two historics weren’t matched at birth, but it seems as if an individual brought them together shortly after the Porsche ran for the fabled Kremer Racing team

The story of the 934/5 hybrid is a special one that trickles down to racing team ingenuity. The US IMSA GT Championship barred the 935 from competing, forcing crews to rethink their running gear for the series. Many teams, like Kremer, decided to upfit their 934 cars with pieces from the 935, making it an in-between model with bits of both worked in. 

After competing in three German races during 1977, the 934/5 was sold to 24 Hours of Nurburgring champion Edgar Dören. Though not an original Martini car, it is a certifiably genuine Porsche factory racer, not a replica of sorts. Chassis #930 6700478 then sat in storage until 2006 when it was restored to compete in vintage racing.

The VW Transporter is special in its own right as it was clearly designed to be a support vehicle for the rad Porsche. It’s been fitted with tools and equipment that are specific to the 934/5, displaying its full potential to run alongside the Porsche wherever it roams. It runs a Stuttgart-spec flat-four engine that makes 110 horsepower, up from the lowly numbers it made originally from the VW factory. 

Collectively, these are two items on the lot that should be sold together. With so much significance between them, it’s only right to buy the both of them and take them to every show, race, and gathering you can.