The Fast and the Furious Is Returning to Movie Theaters This Summer

Take a trip back to the halcyon days before Dom and the gang became the automotive version of Ocean’s Eleven.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Actor Vin Diesel, who also serves as executive producer and unofficial hypeman for the series, toldEntertainment Weekly just how much the anniversary meant to him in an exclusive statement.

“Fifteen years ago my life changed forever," he told EW. "Dom was born…little did I know back then what that really meant. The brotherhood formed with Brian, the love personified in Letty and the sense of family initiated by Mia…it is surreal that this film has held up all the years and led to so much more. Proud of ourFast saga family. From studio to crew, thank you all.”

For Universal, the Fast & Furious franchise has proven to be the sort of chimera you'd get if you cross-bred a cash cow with the goose that laid the golden egg. (Yes, we know they're both female. Deal with it.) In the decade and a half since the first film debuted, the series has spun off six sequels, with three more planned over the next five years. All told, the franchise has raked in about $3.9 billion—which is roughly equivalent to the 2015 gross domestic products of California and Texas combined.

Sure, the re-release is an easy money grab on Universal's part. But we're okay with that. Because somewhere out there, a car-loving kid born the day the movie came out will pick up his learner's permit on his 15th birthday—and drive straight to the theater to see The Fast and the Furious.