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Hot Dog: Oscar Mayer Is Recruiting a New Class of Wienermobile Drivers

Are you a fountain of family-friendly sausage puns? Here's just about the only job where you can use that skill.

Basking in the love inherent to being an Oscar Mayer wiener is something everyone wants to do. But actually becoming an Oscar Mayer wiener involves either a rather morbid process or, preferably, a costume. Wearing the ultimate sausage costume—the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile—isn’t an unfulfillable fantasy, either, as Oscar Mayer is hiring new drivers for its iconic Wurst on wheels.

Oscar Mayer announced Wednesday that it’s accepting applicants for its 34th class of “Hot Dog High,” the two-week training course that prepares people to be official Hotdoggers. Graduates of the program get to drive the Wienermobile for a year starting this June; they will travel around the United States reminding people of their cravings for cured meats, representing Oscar Mayer to the press and public, and bringing smiles to America in a time where we need them more than usual.

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on a promotional stop in 2011, AP Images

Hotdogger hopefuls have to be recent college graduates, with GPAs of 3.0 or above, and a bachelor’s degree, preferably in relevant fields—communications, journalism, marketing, or public relations. Despite casting such a narrow net, Oscar Mayer says it receives thousands of applicants each time it opens the position, and that fewer people have served as Hotdoggers than have been to outer space.

Those who qualify can drop their names, cover letters, and resumes into the proverbial hat here by Jan. 31. The rest of us will have to either wait for the Wienermobile RV to come back up on Airbnb, or the novelty of owning the world’s most faithful replica to wear off on its current owner.

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