Man Named Sober Arrested for Driving While Not

Is this what you call irony?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the epitome of irony. This isn’t your typical funny t-shirt wearing mug shot—it’s something much, much better. A Pennsylvania man was arrested over the weekend in a town just north of Pittsburgh, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. His name? Daniel Sober.

Sober, who was very much not that, had been stopped on Saturday by police officers that were responding to an unrelated call. Officers spotted Sober’s vehicle stopped at the end of a road and deemed it to be suspicious. The police followed Sober’s vehicle for a short period of time before flipping on their patrol car’s lights and pulling into the parking lot of a nearby Catholic school.

According to police, Sober explained to them that he had just dropped off his girlfriend to check in on her son before being stopped. Court documents say that’s when officers reportedly smelled alcohol on his breath and performed a field sobriety test.

Sober was given a breathalyzer test, which he reportedly failed, and was subsequently hauled away. When he arrived at the police station, a more formal test was applied and measured Sober’s blood alcohol level to be 0.194, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 in Pennsylvania.

Police booked the suspect on DUI and careless driving, later releasing him with a court date of March 20.

While there isn’t anything funny about the act of drunk driving, the irony found in this particular case is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Perhaps this should be a lesson in the importance of Uber after getting your drink on.