Florida Man Arrested for DUI While Lemur and Wallaby Escape from Truck During Traffic Stop

Tough times for former edutainment star Zoboomafoo as he's found on the run—in Florida, of course.

A Florida man was arrested after a brief pursuit involving a truck, a trailer, and the mobile menagerie contained therein. The truck, driven by Shane Taylor, was wanted as a result of an earlier accident in which the truck fled the scene. By the end of the evening, a total of three motorists would come forward to claim that Taylor’s truck had struck their vehicle.

The incident, which happened last Saturday according to the Associated Press, was captured on police dash-cam video. In the supplied footage, we can see the truck and trailer swerving wildly, with sparks flying as the truck eventually pulls over after a brief chase. 

Hardly a routine DUI stop, the responding officers found themselves chasing after a mischievous ring-tailed lemur that had escaped from the truck.

Lemurs, native to Madagascar, are perhaps best known as the star of the beloved early ’00s children’s program, Zoboomafoo. If this is indeed the same lemur*, it seems that Zoboo might be a bit down on his luck since the show completed its run, and he might have fallen in with a bad crowd.

In addition to the possibly drunk Taylor, that crowd would include a wallaby, a tortoise, and a handful of sheep that were also found in the truck and trailer, thankfully unharmed after their wild ride.

Taylor was arrested and taken to jail, facing charges of reckless driving and DUI, among others. No word on if the Kratt Brothers bailed out the lemur by borrowing against Animal Junction. For now, let’s remember happier times for everyone’s favorite lemur.

*The lemur who played Zoboomafoo, named Jovian, was not a ring-tailed lemur, but a Coquerel’s sifaka. Unfortunately, he passed away in November of 2014.