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There’s a 2022 Ford F-450 Super Duty With 166,000 Miles on It Already

Pencil that out: It's about 500 miles per day—every day—or 680 miles each work day sitting behind the wheel of a Ford F-450.

For Don Glasco and his 2022 Ford F-450 King Ranch, Tuesday afternoon brought a familiar sight. 

“I’m about to roll over 166,000 miles here in 92 miles,” he told me from the cab of his big pickup. 

Yep. Glasco’s 11-month-old, 2022 Ford F-450 already has 166,000 miles on the clock and there’s no sign that he’s slowing down anytime soon. That’s because Glasco operates his own specialty car-hauling business, Leadfoot Transport, from his home in Texas and can drive thousands of miles for a single job. 

His photo of his current mileage and truck garnered a lot of attention on social media, not only for the new truck with a lot of miles but also for the number of miles he’s towed with his King Ranch. Of the 166,000 miles on his odometer, more than 156,000 miles have been spent towing his hauler. Napkin math would arrive at a figure of about 500 miles per day, or about 680 miles each weekday but Glasco said his miles come in fits and spurts.

“It just depends. Some of our work is just longer than others. Sometimes I take a week off for some of the work. I’ve probably taken off over a month worth of work timewise where the truck didn’t run,” Glasco said. “Yeah, it’s probably more than that honestly, because we do a lot of trips to Montana and California for big events.”

His most current truck isn’t the first he’s driven that much either. 

“I used to have a 2019 F-350 and they had 274,000 miles on it when I traded it in. I only had it for two years. The first year I put 200,000 miles on it and then we put another 74,000 on it. And then right when it hit 200,000 miles, it decided the oil pan gasket was going to leak,” Glasco said. 

He traded that truck in for his current 2022 Ford F-450, mostly because he heard good things about reliability—from his wife.

“My wife has a 2020 F-350 Platinum, and it has 310,000 miles on it, and we bought it in December of 2019,” he said. 

Glasco has a few complaints about his truck, mostly just the Bluetooth microphone when he’s trying to talk on the phone. He said he wrung out more than 100,000 miles on the original tires on his F-450 and nearly 150,000 miles on his truck’s original brakes. 

Before his last pickup, Glasco said he drove Ram trucks but his experience with those engines led him to look for competitors. After his first two fords—and his wife’s—it’s hard for him to imagine spending hundreds of thousands of miles in anything else. 

“Yeah, all Fords from now on,” he said. “I can’t complain about them honestly.”

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