Get the Heck Out With This Cummins-Swapped 2005 Ford F-450 EarthRoamer

Unless you'd rather stick around, in which case...

I don’t have to tell you why now might be a good time to escape the everyday, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll tell you how you should do it: In a wonderfully large, wonderfully brown 2005 Ford F-450 tweaked by the luxury overlanders at EarthRoamer. It’s up for auction on Bring a Trailer (of course) and since the hammer doesn’t drop until Nov. 10, the timelines match up for you to score this 4×4 and head for the hills.

First off, one advantage of buying this rig instead of a new one is there’s zero waiting list. Normally, you’d pay for a slot in EarthRoamer’s cue—it’s typically seven to 10 months before you get your truck, build time included. This 12-valve Cummins-swapped Ford, meanwhile, is ready to go and has a little less than 52,000 miles on the odometer.

Via Bring a Trailer

The engine itself surely has more miles behind it than that, though EarthRoamer completely went through the mechanical diesel to provide better-than-new performance. According to the listing, it now rocks Mahle pistons, an upgraded Hamilton camshaft, a compound turbocharger setup and all the necessary fuel mods that come with it. There’s even a Pacbrake exhaust brake to slow the behemoth down.

The factory Ford five-speed automatic transmission has been retained so you can focus less on shifting gears and more on navigating your trans-continental trek. Said journeys are made easier by the four-wheel drive and two-speed transfer case with custom-valved King shocks and six new airbags all around the truck. The system is adjustable via a wireless controller, so it can be leveled at your campsite after a long day of wheeling.

Via Bring a Trailer
Via Bring a Trailer

There’s a rolling suite that’s accessible by the pass-through cab or the side door, and that’s where you’ll find the comforts of home. A sparkling kitchenette gives a place to prepare your catch of the day or a vacuum-sealed MRE, depending on what kind of overlander you are. The Dometic fridge and freezer combo is ideal for food storage, and a full bathroom with a shower means you can clean up wherever, provided the water storage tanks are full-up.

Given all of the onboard doodads that run on electricity, there’s an 875-watt solar array mounted on the roof with a 2,000-watt AC inverter, as well as a pair of 225-amp-hour house batteries These provide juice to the aforementioned goodies, as well as the WiFi network and Dometic HVAC system for the living quarters. The rest, like auxiliary lighting and that Warn winch, is handled by a pair of Optima Yellow Top batteries.

If you find yourself wanting more than what this F-450 has to offer, you might be on your own. Its current high bid of $25,000 is as optimistic as it gets—don’t be surprised if this reaches well into the six-figure range. After all, a new EarthRoamer with similar amenities can tip the $1 million mark.

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