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The Final Nissan GT-R and New Z Nismo Are Coming Next Year: Report

Rumor has it the last Nissan GT-R will get a swan-neck style rear wing, and the new Nissan Z Nismo will get 20-inch wheels.

Nissan is working hard on its performance lineup, with a final edition of the Nissan GT-R and a Z Nismo reportedly just around the corner.

The rumors come via Japan’s Best Car Web. Translated, the outlet reports that while orders for the R35 Nissan GT-R are currently suspended, eager buyers won’t have to wait long. The article states that minor tweaks are coming to the R35 GT-R as it draws towards the end of its long production run, which began in 2009.

Minor really is the keyword here. The updates will reportedly include a new rear wing with a swan-neck design, where the mounts are attached to the top of the wing. This layout has become popular in motorsports and trickled down to road cars in recent years. It helps the flow under the wing remain more stable, as the flow field is more susceptible to turbulence in this low-pressure region than the flow going over the top.

Other changes reportedly include minor engine and chassis upgrades, including some changes to comply with updated noise regulations, presumably in the Japanese market. New paint colors are also supposedly set to be announced as well.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Z is still new on the scene, but the company will reportedly have a Nismo version ready to drop in 2023. As per usual, it’s expected to have upgraded suspension and brakes, and special badging on various trim pieces to denote its special status. Twenty-inch wheels are also in the cards, up from the non-Nismo version’s 19-inch wheels.

There’s speculation the Nismo Z could get a power boost over the base model, too, but that’s not always guaranteed with Nismo models. We’ve heard Nissan’s own executives hint at this before, though, so the odds are good. Pricing will reportedly be between 8 to 9 million yen ($53,000 to $60,000 USD), but that doesn’t necessarily translate directly to the United States market.

In an emailed statement to The Drive, a Nissan spokesperson declined to comment on speculation, rumors, or future product.

Separately, we’ll also see a racing-focused GT4 model in the future if rumors are to be believed. Given the sporting history of the Z lineage, it certainly wouldn’t be out of place.

Despite everything, it seems Nissan is still investing in its performance lineup. The GT-R may be long in the tooth, but it’s still in production and still as quick as ever. Plus, the new Z has been winning fans left, right, and center. If things continue on the current course, enthusiasts will have plenty to smile about for the foreseeable future.

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