Modified R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R Breaks World Record With 6-Second Quarter-Mile at 219 MPH

That’s what 2,100 horsepower and lightweight car parts can do.

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Australian tuning company Maatouks Racing recently became the holder of several world records following some very successful runs with a pair of drag racing-prepped Nissan Skyline GT-Rs. Just how fast, you're wondering? A stunning 6.47 seconds for the quarter-mile, to be precise.

DragNews reports that Maatouks kicked things off by sending its prized Metro GT-R to the proving grounds earlier this month. The dedicated track car was built to honor its former owner, Sam "Metro" Youssef, a former enthusiast who passed away in a car accident last year.

Its record-shattering quarter-mile run was over in the blink of an eye. By the time the R32 GT-R had crossed the finish line, it had reached 219.94 miles per hour in just 6.47 seconds—beating out the previous record held by Extreme Turbo Systems' R35 GT-R. The speed of the run earned the car the titles of Quickest GT-R, Quickest R32 Skyline, and Quickest AWD car in the world, reportedly. Maatouks didn't specify how much power the car was putting out at the time of the run, but reports from earlier this year indicate that the car was producing more than 2,100 horsepower and was peppered by weight-saving carbon bits.

"We made a promise to [Sam] that his car would be the car that sat on top of the outright list of AWD supremacy," Maatouks proudly said. "Yesterday that promise came true but we didn’t just give him one record like he asked we took a bundle of records whilst on our quest."

"Anyone can build a car with money and machinery but to us, it was all determination and heart by fulfilling our promise no money can buy this making this record the best one we have," he added.

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If street cars are more your thing, Maatouks has you covered in that department as well. Wrapped up in a more modest-looking package is an aptly named Nissan Skyline called King32. Its power watches over the streets of Sydney, laying waste to all cars that dare to oppose it.

King32 also happened to make an appearance on the track, breaking a record of its own complete with full interior, factory body panels, and other various factory appointments that Maatouks didn't bother to remove. The result was a 6.84-second quarter-mile at a blazing 209 mph—enough to take the crown for the world's fastest and quickest street-legal GT-R.

These heavily modified hypercar-destroyers certainly speak volumes about Maatouks, but it's also worth paying homage to the engineers at Nissan who originally designed the R32 chassis. This iconic platform continues to break motorsport records even three decades after its inception.

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