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A New Porsche Classic Parts Catalog ‘Originale’ Is Here

Porsche Classic has been slowly ramping up their coverage of vintage parts supply for the last couple of years. Now they've launched a new catalog to showcase them.

Porsche Classic is launching a gorgeous new catalog of vintage parts to help promote all of the work they’ve done in recent years to create new and remanufactured pieces for their full line of classic cars. Whether you’ve got a million-dollar 356 Carrera Speedster or a beater 944, Porsche classic offers some parts for your car that you may well need. 

Mostly, I’m just interested in how cool this catalog looks. The cover is a beautiful schematic of the Fuhrmann 4-cam engine, and inside it’s filled with gorgeous color photographs paired with easy-to-use descriptions and the corresponding part numbers. You can download a copy of the catalog in PDF form by clicking this link, but even if you do that I’d suggest dropping in to your local dealership to pick up a hard copy as well, because there will be a bunch of information in the full print piece that didn’t make the PDF cut. 

The catalog is called “Originale: Teile, Typen, Technik”, and just the first part is covered in the PDF, so expect the Typen section to cover each of the different cars in Porsche Classic’s purview, and the Technik section to have some never-before-seen technical documentation. I can’t wait to get my hands on the paper copy. Then again, I’m a Porsche-nut. 

[Source: Porsche Classic]