This Porsche 356 Daily Driver Just Passed the Million-Mile Mark

Three engine rebuilds and five decades after it rolled off the factory floor.

Guy Newmark’s father bought this Bali Blue 1964 Porsche 356 just three months after the original owner brought it back from the factory in Stuttgart. Newmark himself has been driving it since he received “Blu” as a college graduation present, more than four decades ago. Since then, he’s driven this classic Porsche for hundreds of thousands of miles—and just recently, his Porsche 356 crossed the million-mile mark.

How does one hit one million miles in a single car? Newmark drives Blu no matter where he goes: to the gym, to work, even to baseball games. Wherever Newmark goes, his Porsche goes. And after nearly fifty years of driving, he says he still loves it. Newmark says that every time he parks it, he still looks back to marvel at at Blu’s beauty.

A car doesn’t reach one million miles without some hefty repairs along the way. Even though Newmark has never missed a 3,000-mile service​, the engine has still needed to be rebuilt three times. He admits the car is always being “looked after” by mechanics. Shockingly, the transmission held up for an impressive 900,000 miles before finally needing to be replaced as well.

There was also a brief moment when Newmark thought he lost Blu. In 2013, shortly after being featured for hitting 980,000 miles, the 356 was stolen from Newmark’s garage in San Pedro, California. Thankfully, the car was quickly recovered and Newmark could get back to working towards one million miles—a number so large, it doesn’t even fit on the odometer.

So take a few minutes and check out the beautiful love story of a man and his car. It’s the sort of heartwarming thing we all could use more of.