Atieva, Now Lucid Motors, Previews a Camaro-Looking Tesla Model S Fighter

Seriously. Tell us that front end doesn’t look like a fifth-gen Camaro.

Remember Atieva, the Silicon Valley upstart with the electric van named Edna that could outrun Ferraris and Dodge Vipers? Well, Atieva has changed its name to Lucid Motors—and the re-christened company is giving the world its first look at its Tesla-fighting electric sedan. And boy, does that front end look like a Chevy Camaro, or what?

Lucid hasn’t revealed what the car will be called yet, but it’s being developed under the name Atvus. The up-and-coming electric car company has revealed a few details about the car, however. Above all else, it’s going to be fast. Like, “They’ve gone to Plaid” fast.

Lucid Motors

The production sedan will be powered by an 87-kWh battery pack, according to Electrek, with two electric motors putting the power down. Lucid Motors chief technology officer Peter Rawlinson—one of several employees who used to work at Tesla—has gone on record saying the car will likely make around 900 horsepower. That’s a downgrade from Edna’s 1,200-hp output, mind you, but considering the sedan will reportedly weigh about half a ton less than the supercar-beating van, that should still be enough to send the car up to 200 miles per hour if left ungoverned, Rawlinson told Road/Show.

Lucid Motors

As for range, the new Lucid Motors sedan will reportedly go at least 300 miles on a charge, Rawlinson said, with a 400-mile version under consideration for somewhere down the line. The car is expected to be on sale in 2018.

Lucid Motors

These official shots aren’t the first images to hit the Internet of the Atieva/Lucid Motors sedan; a profile shot of the car was discovered in government documents from last year, and posted online by Recode last week. But these pics certainly paint a far more attractive picture of the car than the side shot, which, as you can see below, resembles nothing so much to our eyes as a rejected concept for a mid-2000s Saab 9-5. Here’s hoping the later version seen in the teasers is a bit more…appealing. 

Atieva, via the State of California