Live Your Retro Moto Dreams (Safely) With the New AGV Legends Helmet Line

Retro style, modern safety.

byEric Brandt|
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The retro styling craze in the motorcycle world shows no signs of slowing down. The latest brand to cash in on the trend is helmet-maker AGV with a new AGV Legends line inspired by the titans of motorcycle racing and the old-school helmets that protected their heads decades ago. And while these new lids look like they're fifty years old, the protective technology that's baked into them is anything but.

The AGV Legends line is launching with two different helmets: one full-face and one open-face. The full-face helmet is the X3000, a tribute to 15-time world champion racer Giacomo “Ago” Agostini. The Ago 1 paint scheme honors Agostini's iconic look with a tri-color Italian flag design and a thick gold stripe going across the bottom of the helmet. The helmet has a carbon fiber shell, an airtight and watertight visor, some cleverly hidden ventilation, and a high-quality leather and fabric interior that’s removable and washable.

AGV Legends X3000 (left) and X70 (right), AGV

The second helmet in the AGV Legends line is the open-face X70. The inspiration for this helmet is another Italian motorcycle racing legend, Renzo “Paso” Pasolini. Paso famously wore an AGV fiberglass jet helmet rather than the full-face racing helmet that replaced it in the 1970s. The X70 is properly retro with button snaps for adding a visor and is available in a Pasolini paint scheme that also has an Italian flag theme.

Pricing for the full-face X3000 begins at $379.95 for solid color designs and $449.95 for multi-color. The open-face X70 is more affordable starting at $179.95 for solid color and $229.95 for multi-color options. AGV Legends helmets, both of which are DOT and ECE rated, are available now from U.S. AGV dealers and online.