A Tracked Nissan Rogue Is Way Cooler Than It Sounds

Chairlifts are overrated; use the Rogue Warrior

Car manufacturers are always looking for novel ways to grab the public’s attention, and we have to hand it to Nissan Canada, which did a damn good job yesterday. As the snow finally begins to fall in the north country, people are taking to the slopes and enjoying what joys winter has to offer. With that in mind, Nissan constructed a one-of-a-kind, tank-tracked Rogue called the “Rogue Warrior” to tow wholesome-looking skiers and snowboards around an Le Valinouët ski resort in northern Québec. Instead of waiting on long chairlift lines, a frustrated snowboarder—who happens to be 2015 Nissan Micra Cup Champion Olivier Bedard—leaves the line and returns with a heavily modified Nissan Rogue.

Aside from the unbearable music, the video is actually quite watchable. We get to see the mid-size crossover confidently climb 30-degree inclines, tow a handful of people over various grades and show off some of its styling in a series of slow-motion shots. Granted, the video really doesn’t testify to the production Rogue’s off-road performance. Although the Rogue comes with “intuitive” all wheel drive, we have a sneaking suspicion that the four-cylinder SUV would stop dead in its tracks several yards into the mountainside adventure. Still, as far as attention-grabbers go, here we are talking about a Nissan Rogue, so…

This isn’t the first time Nissan has tracked one of its crossovers, mind. Back in Feb. 2015, Nissan put tracks on a Juke in Lapland, Finland. Despite the repeat performance, we’re not expecting a factory option package any time soon. The Rogue Warrior is on display at the Montreal International Auto Show until Jan. 24, when the show concludes.

Meantime, why not join the frolic below?