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New Porsche 911 R Headed to Geneva

We should see the new 'purist' model debut in March.

With much of the 911 family going turbo, there’s room in the lineup for a purist’s Porsche: a naturally-aspirated, rear-drive, manual-only model that’ll essentially be a stripped-down GT3. The latest reports indicate that this model, initially expected to be called the 911 GT but now more likely to get the 911 R moniker, will be unveiled in Geneva.

It’s also tipped to wear skinnier tires that will sacrifice grip for a more linear driving experience, and jettison the big wings in favor of a sleeker, more classic profile. What that all boils down to is a GT3 in its essence, and it will likely pack the non-turbo engine from either the GT3 or GT3 RS (pictured above) – or some version thereof. Recall that both the GT3 and the GT3 RS are PDK-only, although Porsche has decided that the next-generation GT3 should give customers the option of shifting for themselves.

According to, which recently spoke to 911 product line manager August Achleitner, the purist’s 911 will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show less than two months from now. “Come to Geneva and you’ll find out,” said Achleitnerm “but for now this is all I can talk about.” Don’t get your hopes up too much, because production is expected to be severely limited, with the entire production run likely to be pre-sold.

This article originally appeared on Autoblog.