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Color Matched Wheels Need To Make A Comeback

This is a trend that has mostly fallen out of favor lately, but Porsche has traditionally offered a color-matched wheel option for those who want it. I am a proponent of this trend, and would like to see it make a comeback.

I’m something of an oddity in that I spend most of my day thinking about Porsche, and some of my nights. Last night I awoke from slumber coated in a sheen of perspiration with an idea. I jotted it down in my bedside notebook and went back to sleep. Upon awaking this morning, I re-read that note, and it read simply “Color Matched Wheels!” The exclamation point is the important part of that note, because I’ve always been enamored with color matched wheels on Porsches, and I contend that they really need to make a comeback. 

Porsche color-matched the wheels on a lot of 959s in the 1980s, and if colored wheels are good enough for the 959, they’re good enough for me, and they should be good enough for you!


All of my Porsches have boring silver wheels and I’m starting to think this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Perhaps I should start seeking out plain-wheel Porsches and painting up their wheels to match the exterior paint, vigilante style. The 968 pictured above is a beautiful car, but the yellow Cup wheels it is fitted with just take the car to a whole new level of awesome. You’ve got to appreciate that, right?


Okay, I’ll concede that color-matched wheels don’t always go right, as the 986 Boxster pictured above is just a little over-the-top. If it didn’t have the extremely Early-2000s Sport Exhaust and AeroKit look, it might be able to get away with the color wheel option. As it stands, this Boxster is too shouty and garish. What happened to Porsche’s style sensibilities in the 986/996 era? It’s bad. I’d still drive it. I love Boxsters. 

Luckily, Porsche still offers the color-matched wheel option on a few of their cars. The Panamera Turbo S configured below is fitted with “Panamera Sport Wheels In Night Blue Metallic”. On the Panamera, the option is an extra $1045. If you want a Cayenne Turbo S with color matched wheels, it’s a zero-cost option. From what I can tell, though, Porsche does not offer a color-matched wheel on their sports car lines, which is an absolute travesty. 

Lets band together as enthusiasts of class, style, and taste to bring the color-matched wheel back to favor. You know you want them on your Porsche!