Porsche’s Intense Interior Color Matching Process Is All About The Details

Up To Forty Different Materials Must Be Perfectly Color Matched Before They’ll Sign Off On A Car

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche’s Intense Interior Color Matching Process Is All About The Details


It's something you probably don't think about when you're behind the wheel of your favorite Porsche, but a lot of work and effort has gone into the process to make sure you never have to think about it; interior color continuity. Your Porsche's interior components have been diligently color matched so that everything inside the car looks as a cohesive set. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it. When you notice the colors not matching in your car, when it's conspicuous, that's when they're concerned. 

Frank Moser, Vice President of Corporate Quality:

More than 600 visible components must be coordinated in a unifying color scheme. As our vehicles are highly individualized, this is an extremely complex process.” 



A new Panamera interior can be ordered with ten distinctly different color palates, five solid colors and five two-tone variants. Carpets, leathers, plastics, paints, dyes, and Alcantara all have to match perfectly, with compatibility tested in any and all lighting situations possible. Not only do each of these have to match colors, they must match the level of gloss and sheen as closely as possible across all of these materials as well. Uniformity of color and tone, Porsche's interiors are rigorously tested.  

Simone Fett, Head of Color-Matching Interiors: 

Even minimal deviations are perceived by the human eye, creating a visual patchwork. The road begins a full 18 months before the run-up to production. Finding the way to the right color is an iterative process. It is like a big puzzle. Gradually, the passenger compartment transforms from an inharmonious color picture to a homogeneous design. This requires a high degree of precision and great attention to detail.

Intense inspection of material, tooling, build process, parameters, and pigment mixtures is required to achieve perfection. There are around forty different materials used in the average Porsche interior, arriving from as much as seventy different suppliers. It's something you never really think about, but your interior is a 'conspicuously inconspicuous' masterpiece.