The Next Nissan Z ‘Proto’ Will Debut on September 16

No, this is not a drill.

byJerry Perez|
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You might want to sit down for this one. After years and seemingly endless reports and teasers of the next Nissan Z car, we finally have concrete news directly from the mothership: a next-generation Nissan Z "Proto," most likely for prototype, will be unveiled on Sept. 16.

According to teasers released by Nissan on Twitter and YouTube, the announcement should give us a solid idea of what the next Z will look like, though it didn't go into specifics. So far, all we know is that the prototype will be unveiled in two weeks, but it remains unclear if the announcement will divulge drivetrain specs, possible release date, etc. I guess we will have to wait for the juicy deets.

This is great news, nonetheless, as the internet has been bombarded with unconfirmed rumors about what the next-generation sports car will or won't have. Some say that its chassis and even engine components will carry over from the current model, while others tout that it will be an all-new model.

In the performance department, some rumors lead us to believe that the new Japanese sports car could feature some sort of electrification technology, while others claim that a sort of plug-in hybrid variant won't be developed until much further down the road.

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Until then, enjoy the cool video and see how many hints or "Easter eggs" you can spot in the teaser film.

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