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Watch This Craftsman Expertly Replace The Roof Of A Porsche 964

In the rust repair process, sometimes you have to go to extreme measures and it's good to have someone like this in your corner.

By now, you’ve seen us talk about this Porsche 964 rust repair project being undertaken by Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC. It’s absurd in its intricacies, and we’re having a hard time believing anyone would go to such lengths to make a rusty 964 whole again. It wasn’t too long ago that these cars were the unappreciated 911 and barely worth buying. Even in the current market, we’re pretty sure Larry is spending more to remove the rust from this car than buying a rust-free 964 would cost. Sentimental value being what it is, we suppose it’s understandable, but we can’t help but shiver with each new installment of this project, mulling the massive price tag involved. 

In prior episodes, we’ve seen the old roof removed, but this time we get to see all of the serious man-hours that went into the removal process, plus the preparation for welding, then the bonding adhesives, proper welding techniques, and the final fitting of the roof panel. The guy doing the lion’s share of the work used to be a welder at the old Karmann factory where 914s were built, so he might know a thing or two about how these old German bodies were put together, and it’s really awesome to see him putting his old tools and expertise to work on this rotten 911 roof. 

Do you share the kind of bond with your Porsche that would see you go to these lengths to get it back to rust-free condition? At least here, the added benefit of a slick roof is the removal of the car’s heavy and intrusive sunroof panel.